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The technology meets the needs of agricultural operations of all sizes, while solving odour problems and destroying pathogenic microorganisms. The ability to remove excess phosphorus, and the conversion of organically bound nutrients to mineralized forms, contribute to optimal plant fertilisation and nutrient uptake. In addition, because the balance of nutrients can be better tailored to the needs of crops, the risk of surface or ground water contamination is reduced.

Bio-Terre's technological approach combines low-temperature anaerobic digestion, concentration of solids and production of renewable energy. It facilitates the transformation of organic wastes into value-added products, offering a solution that benefits agricultural producers.


Bio-Terre process

Operating characteristics

Benefits for agricultural producers

Low temperature operation (15°C to 25°C)

Compared with higher temperature digestion, more energy is available for farm uses. Stability of process.

Batch process

Matches farm manure management practices and keeps digester operation simple.

Minimal agitation

Less associated mechanical equipment to maintain.

No need for preliminary treatment (dilution or solid-liquid separation)

Less equipment, less energy to power equipment, less hassle.

Uses a naturally occurring adapted biomass

No proprietary additives. Can be started on remote farms at a reasonable cost.

Easily integrated with existing management systems

Can add Bio-Terre system into existing manure management system with minimal additions and disruption.

No need for aeration and no addition of chemicals required

Savings on chemical purchases.

Minimal maintenance

Lower cost.

Easy to operate, no need for specialized workers.

Owner or farm employees can easily operate the system. Bio-Terre offers continuous monitoring and support in case of trouble.

Agronomic benefits

Benefits for agricultural producers

High-value organic liquid fertilizer balanced to match crops needs

Reduce the use of chemical fertilizer because treated manure has equivalent availability to crops.

Enhances phosphorus settling

Remove excess phosphorus with sludge while preserving nitrogen content in liquid fertilizer.

Kills pathogens and odour

Pleases neighbours and adds flexibility in manure management options.

Distribution of nutrients in manure storage

Energy production

  • Biogas production : 30 m3 to 35 m3 of biogas/market hog
  • Biogas CH4 content of between 65% to 70%

Biogas Uses

Environmental benefits

The process can :

  • Eliminates odour from storage
  • Eliminates field spreading odour
  • Eliminates 99 % of pathogenic organisms
  • Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Permit safe spreading on forage.
  • Eliminate organic pollutants
  • Afford optimal nutrient management
  • Improve quality of life and relationship with neighbours

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